Science communication

I am very interested in science communication and have in all my research projects been committed to disseminate my research to the general public.

I have for instance been involved in a biomimetic exhibition at the Zoological Museum in Copenhagen in 2004-2005, where I participated with results from my PhD research and that of the other collaboraters involved in the European funded BIOLOCH (BIOmimetic structures for LOComotion in the Human body). On the same project and on biomimetics in general, I have, furthermore given public talks at the Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution and at Symposiums of Biological Students in Europe (SymBioSE 2003 and 2004).

For most of my research projects, I have, furthermore, written popular science articles (although primarily in Danish).

However, I am not only interested in communicating my own research to the general public, but I have also been heavily involved with online science communication in general through web-sites such as Life Of Science (in English, all areas of science) and (in Danish, biomimetics).

I have (co-) written the following popular science articles (most of them in Danish though).

Hesselberg, T. (2011). Avancerede modeller kaster nyt lys på edderkoppens spind. Ingeniøren, 2nd Dec, pp. 18-19. (translated Advanced models shed new light on the spider web)

Hesselberg, T. (2010). The wind in the webs: orb-weavers and their silk constructions. Wolfson College Record 2010. Wolfson College, University of Oxford. Page 111-113.

Hesselberg, T. (2010). A spider’s web. In Pars Foundation – Findings on Elasticity (Eds. Aardse, H. and van Baalen, A.). Lars Müllers Publishers. Page 157-160.

Kiil, L. and Hesselberg, T. (2008). Revolutionerende rapid prototyper på trapperne. Teknovation 9: 75 (translated title: Revolutionary rapid prototyper on the way)
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Hesselberg, T. and Kiil, L. (2008). Endoskopi i udvikling. Ugeskrift for Læger, 170(15): 1276 (translated title: Endoscopy progressing).
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Hesselberg, T. and Kiil, L. (2007). Insekter er inspiration for fremtidens minifly. Ingeniøren, 24: 28-29 (translated title: Insects as inspiration for the micro air vehicles of the future).
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Hesselberg, T. (2007). Fluer i flysimulatoren. Aktuel Naturvidenskab 2: 9-12. (Translated title: Flies in the flight simulator).
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Hesselberg, T. (2006). Biomimetics: learning from nature. Proceedings of the Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution, 9: 150-153.
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Hesselberg, T. (2004). Børsteorm fra familien Nereidae og hvad vi kan lære af dem. Gejrfuglen, 40: 12-16. (Translated title: Polychaetes of the family Nereidae and what we can learn from them).
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Kiil, L. and Hesselberg, T. (2004). BIOLOCH – endoskop inspireret af orm. In Bionik – mennesket lærer af naturen. Strager, H.; Køhler, M.; Lystager, C.; Allentoft, M. & Garbers, B. Zoologisk Musum. Københavns Universitet. P: 103-107. (Translated title: BIOLOCH – endoscope inspired by worms).
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Kiil, L. and Hesselberg, T. (2004). Naturen kræver tværfaglighed. Ingeniøren, 35: 24-25. (Translated title: Nature demands cross-disciplinarity)
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Hesselberg, T. 2003. Korsedderkoppens hjulspind. Gejrfuglen, 39(3): 1-4. (Translated title: The orb web of the garden cross spider).
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