Research Projects


I have been involved in the following research projects. For further information on each projects click on the project title.

Project short name: WEBSTRUCT – Impact forces and structure of orb webs (2009-2011)
Location: Dept. of Zoology, Oxford.
Funding Source: Intra-European Marie Curie Fellowship to TH
PI: Prof. Fritz Vollrath

Project short name: Behavioural flexibility in neotropical orb weavers (2008-2009)
Location: Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
Funding source: Smithsonian Postdoctoral Fellowship to TH
PI: Prof. William G. Eberhard

Project short name: Flight control in Drosophila (2006-2006)
Location: Dept. of Neurobiology, Ulm
Funding source: BMBF Biofuture and Bionic grants to FOL
PI: Dr. Fritz-Olaf Lehmann

Project short name: Functional morphology and locomotion in ragworms (2002-2006)
Location: Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Bath
Funding source: The European Commission – BIOLOCH project to JFVV
PI: Prof. Julian F. V. Vincent

Project short name: Effects of neurotoxins on orb webs (2001-2002)
Location: Dept. of Zoology, Aarhus
Funding source: SNF grant to FV
PI: Prof. Fritz Vollrath